Artimino Contemporanea

The project "Contemporary Artimino" aims to revive, in a territory rich in artistic and gastronomic humus, the ideas of the illustrious patrons who, in the past centuries, have contributed to develop all around them a prosperous environment of artists and erudite. This has encouraged the cultural growth of the place in which they resided handing it to history. For us this is the starting point from which realise this new project. We do not want to look to the past to identify ourselves through obvious artistic references but rather take inspiration with the intention of bringing the "court" of Artimino some of the most important contemporary artists of national and international scene.

The Project

With "Artimino Contemporanea" we expect to realize in the coming years, starting from 2015, a series of exhibitions and artistic/cultural events that give life to a place for the dissemination of art and contemporary culture. Already famous for its beautiful landscapes and food and wine, the village and the villa of Artimino are an ideal place for a model of intervention that combines the historic past of our places with the culture and art of our time. Artists are invited to exhibit and present their works to the public in a setting full of evocative charm as the halls of Villa La Ferdinanda declared World Heritage by UNESCO in June 2013. The artists who will intervene, are chosen among the most important of contemporary art scene, nationally and internationally, with particular attention to those that operate in Tuscany. These last, in fact, are called to witness to the cultural richness of our region and territory that gave birth to some of the greatest artists of the last centuries, creating an ideal line of conjunction between past and present. For 2015 have been identified three artists who will exhibit their works in three solo exhibitions.