Gidon Graetz


Gidon Graetz was born in Tel Aviv in 1929. During his childhood, he moved with his parents Rachel Ben Tovim and Heinz Graetz, to Haifa. In the mid-1950s, Graetz headed for Europe to study art. He studied in Florence, where he atteneded the Accademia delle Belle Art under the guidance of sculptor Pericle Fazzini. Then in Paris for two years, under Marcel Gimond at Les Beaux Arts.
In Florence, he met Sunniva Rasmussen, daughter of the Norweigian sculptor and art professor Wilhem Rasmussen. The couple married in Paris and, over the years, had four children.
In the early 1960s, Graetz settled on one of the hills overlooking Florence. There the family raised its children, and he opened a foundry and concluded that the artist should cast his sculptures in the spirit of the method used in the Renaissance. Over the years, Graetz acquired a remarkable mastery of metals. He developed a new technique in bending and soldering stainless steel and bronze, which he later used in preparing his monumental public sculptures.
His sculptures have been installed, among other places, in the Billy Rose Art Garden of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; in the Tefen Museum in the Galilee at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot; at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa; on Ben-Gurion Boulevard in Tel Aviv, opposite Beit Ayala, at the entrance to the Aurec building in Ramat Gan. Lastly in front of Faculty of Art Tel-Aviv University. His works are also on public display in various countries, including (since January 2004) the Potsdamer Platz, in the heart of Berlin.


1972 Galleria L'Indiano, Firenze
1973 Kunstforeningen, Bergen, Norvegia
1977 Kunstverein, Munich
1977 Galerie Lopes AG, Zurich
1978 Airport Plaza, Zurich-Kloten Airport; Galerie Cour Saint-Pierre, Geneva;
1978 Cloister of Santa Croce Firenze
1980 Galerie 63, Klosters, Switzerland
1980 Galerie Schoeneck, Riehen, Switzerland
1981-82 Galerie 63, Klosters, Switzerland
1982 Glaskasten Skulpturenmuseum, Marl, Germany
1982 Galerie Lopes AG, Zurich
1983-84 Galerie 63, Klosters, Switzerland
1985 The University Gallery, Tel Aviv University
1985 Goldman Gallery, Haifa
1985 Chicago Art Fair, Goldman-Kraft Gallery, Chicago
1986 Los Angeles Art Fair, Los Angeles
1987 Galerie 63, Klosters, Switzerland
1987 Moos Gallery, Toronto
1988 World Expo '88, Brisbane, Australia
1988 Goldman-Kraft Gallery, Chicago
1989 International Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles
1990 Roswhita Haftmann Modern Art, Zurich
1991 Galerie Cour Saint-Pierre, Geneva
1993 Galerie Marie Louise Wirth, Zurich
1994 Sculpture Today, Galerie Marie Louise Wirth, Zurich
1996 Sculpture Today, Galerie Marie Louise Wirth, Zurich
1998 Sculpture in Town, Florence
2000 In the Path of Fiesole, Fiesole, Florence
2002 Galerie Marie Louise Wirth, Zurich
2005 The 9th Shanghai Art Fair
2005 The First Shanghai Art Biennale
2014 La Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca


1972 Tanforan Shopping Center, San Bruno, California, USA
1973 Ungdomsskole, Bergen, Norway
1977 Rothschild Bank, Zurich, Svizzera
1978 MOBAG, Airgatebulding, Zurich, Svizzera
1979 Reinassance Center, Detroit, USA
1979 PepsiCo, Inc., Purchase, New York, USA
1980 Maschinenfabrik Trumpf, Stuttgart, Germany
1982 Brea Financial Commons, Brea, California, USA
1982 Glaskasten Skulpturenmuseum, Marl, Germany
1982 Fondation Gianadda, Martigny, Switzerland
1985 The Botaniacal Garden, Chicago, USA
1985 Tefen Museum, Galilee
1985 The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
1986 YMCA, downtown Los Angeles
1986 The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
1986 The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
1986 Chamber of Commerce, Moscow, Russia
1987 Ravinia Sculpture Garden, Chicago, USA
1987 Lowe Development, Brea, California, USA
1987 Morgan Adams prop., Mariposa Ave. by Los Angeles International Airport
1992 Jamont Sculpture Garden, Brussels
1997 Aurec Ltd.. Ramat Gan, Israel
2000 "Cosmos", Piazza Mino da Fiesole, on loan from artist
2000 Sales Via Beato Angelico Fiesole, on loan from artist
2000 Billy Rose Art Garden, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
2000 Ben Gurion Boulevard, Tel Aviv (in front of Ayala House), Israel
2004 The Bisheim Center, Postdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
2012 The Flame, Blumfield Garden, Jerusalem, Israel