Io Solo Ho Occhi Per Te

18 May \ 15 June 2013

Anatomical Visions by Barbara Vistarini.

Leading figure in the art world, passionate about design and an important past in fashion. If there is a common thread in Barbara Vistarini's life, it's creativity. As part of Florence Design Week (May 20-26 2013) Barbara Vistarini opens with a site-specific installation to the Biblioteca Nazionale and a solo show entitled "Io Solo Ho Occhi Per Te" (I only have eyes for you) hosted by LINEA Spazio Arte Contemporanea (via delle Porte Nuove, 10 - Florence) from May 18 to June 15 2013, which is the first of a series of "Events in the Event" as an indicator to the New Florence Biennale.

This is the first step in a series of events that will take us to the grand opening ceremony of the New Florence Biennale 2013, which brings Barbara Vistarini to Florence, soon after proceeds to participate in the 55th Venice Biennale.

Past and present merge in these works, such as Barbara's installation, titled "I.S.H.O.P.T.", (acronym of Io Solo Ho Occhi Per Te) is a work on modulated time, reinterpreting photographic material found in an old family archive. The story telling of a family that moves behind a macro lens, creating a photographic loop that moves with the viewer with a continuous reminder of memories infinitely fragmented and reiterated. At the same time, continuously filtered and redefined by other elements catalyzing the energies produced by emotions of suspended time: the spatial compositions "Pillow" and "Bush".

"The Bush – explains Vistarini – is a flexible structure, composed by photo clippings. In this system of perception and reference becomes a kind of concealed yet revealing structure creating a sort of intriguing hiding place, by which you can see and not see, revealing its whimsical beauty of the elements in play". After the opening of the exhibition on May 18th at Spazio LINEA, this site-specific installation will also be exhibited at the Biblioteca Nazionale in Florence.

In the dependance of Spazio LINEA will be "Zippers" an installation composed of countless small Brush Aluminum Dibond plates creating a loop sequence that repeats over and over a single phrase. "Using an intimate dimension in which meditation and prayer become complementary ways to captivate the attention and imagination that will then lead the viewer towards a new meaning and interaction." says Vistarini.

For Barbara Vistarini 2013 seems to have a strong Florentine presence. After the installation at Spazio LINEA and Florence Design Week, the artist returns to the Tuscan capital in September for the presentation of her work, "After bike", a contemporary art event linked to the World Cycling Championship Florence, and finally her presence in the New Florence Biennale, to be held at the Fortezza da Basso, from November 30th to December 8th.